The view from the terrace of the Trans Kalahari Inn at sunset
The view from the terrace of the Trans Kalahari Inn at sunset

Trans Kalahari Inn - our 1st night in Namibia


Trans Kalahari Inn

We arrived at reception to a warm welcome. Our chalet was number five, just at the end of the terrace.

After the back seat was emptied of all our clutter we went to open the canopy for our luggage. However, as much as we tried to jiggle the keys in the same way as Henry had locked it, we could not get in. It could wait until later.


Our room for the first night

We had time to explore a little before it was time to watch a splendid sunset over the terrace. The header photo is from the garden beneath the terrace looking over the surrounding bush and low rolling hills. We knew we had arrived now. The beautiful blue pool with the blue cleaning robot snaking its way around until it got stuck, had a brief fight with itself, and then continued on its way. On the lower, pool terrace there is a chess board build in, for those who had the inclination.

The pool and chess board

More photos of the developing sunset, this time by David, then it is time to venture into the restaurant.

Sunset from the Trans Kalahari Inn

Sunset over at the Trans Kalahari Inn

Well, here they surpass themselves again. Menus in two languages, and the waitresses appear to be able to cope with a multitude of languages, all with a friendly smile. I decided to be adventurous and went straight for some of the game items, three cold game meats for starter and three game platter for main. David went for the chicken curry soup and kingklip. the starters arrived and not only were they both delicious and well presented, they were not insubstantial. The waitress came to collect the plates and I asked what the game was, she shrugged, with a broad smile said, "I don't know, it disappeared" What a lovely friendly touch. The mains arrived, on huge plates, full, not scattered over an expanse of emptiness. The food did not disappoint in any way.

Too full for pudding, we tried the car lock one more time before giving up, and off to our comfortable room and bed.


Morning arrived and without luggage, it was not very long before we were ready for breakfast. We chose the terrace, which was still cool as it was relatively early for us. A good breakfast set us up well for the saga of the car keys.

Enough time time for another swing around the gardens with the camera. There is a particular tree in the garden which seems to be a favorite of insects, about 40mm long, black in colour. Large enough to make an audible noise as they flew to the tree. 



Then we were on our way, back from whence we came. We had a brief but very pleasant stay at the Trans Kalahari Inn. It met with our euphoria and did not disappoint. It is ideal for the transition into Namibia and we both thoroughly recommend it.


The next article in the series is 'The car keys'





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