Hello, and welcome, especially if you jumped straight into this part of my travelogue.

So far I have only been to Africa twice, once with Encounter Overland. It was my final and longest trip with Encounter Overland. Then nearly forty years later with my son.

In Encounter Overland terms it was in fact two trips. The first being London to Johannesburg, and the second, the return journey from Johannesburg to London. Each leg was meant to be 16-17 weeks, and that is what the passengers had paid for. There was also a layover period in Southern Africa for me.


Each trip will appear below, under the Subcategories, as and when stories are written about that trip. Some trips will have more stories than others, and some stories will be awash with wonderful wild photos.

However, before looking into my individual trips, lets look into a new project of mine. Using ESRI Story Maps. An outline of Encounter Overland in Africa in the 1970's. A long time ago.


Encounter Overland crossing Africa, Southbound, top to toe


Either follow the link to open Story Maps in a new page, (preferred) or read the same as an embedded item (not as wide) below.