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This article is about the use of Google Earth Projects in regard to data logged tracks or routes.


 I should point out that I have used Google Earth Projects successfully in the past, this project being a case in point. It looks good as a slide show moving from item of focus to the next. Powerpoint on steroids.

However, what I was trying to do in this instance was different.

I have a number of GPS data logs, commonly called tracks, from a number of GPS devices.

These can be viewed in on computer programs such as Google Earth Pro, Garmin BaseCamp, and Memory Map. Although, for the latter the acceptable file format appears to be GPX.

 A case in point, our Bay of Biscay Whale Watching Trip.

According to a review of the I-gotU

The ' i-gotU GT-120, a GPS logger and receiver which records trip routes, auto add photo GPS locations and create an animated trip journal based on the data logged.'

The output was a large dataset of 2790 points.

Other metrics;

Metrics from the  i-gotU data logger in respect of the Bay of Biscay Southbound.
Measure   Data
Start date and time   20/09/2010  11:22
End date and time   20/09/2010  18:59
Duration   7 hrs  13 mins  32 secs
Recording interval   10 secs
Points recorded   2790
Distance travelled   238 km
Minimum   26.0 km/h
Average   32.9 km/h
Maximum   37.9 km/h
For each point, the following are also recorded    
Position - Latitude and Longitude    
Leg (between points) distance, time, and speed    
The line also has total assent and decent, which is not really relevant here. Sum of all the waves!    


 Over 22,000 pieces of information. A rich dataset.

A dataset that I want to import into an alternative visual aid as the original is no longer trading.

In Google Earth Pro the dataset is a .kmz file. There is a button in Google Earth Pro to show information in Google Earth on web.

That shows the area but not the line or data.

I copied the file to Google Drive. Google Drive is the home for Projects in Google Earth that are to be shared. It is an online resource whereas my computer is not. I want to keep it secure.

Opening the file from Google Drive produces an error. Instead, importing a .kmz or kml file takes it into the local area. 

I can build a project around the imported line. It appears to only be a line now, not the distinct points it was.

Create slides with information and photo backdrops. Arrange the titles and fonts, and change the colour of the text.

Finally, I have a slideshow worth watching. Now to make it auto play instead of manual one slide at a time progression. Apparently, it does not do that.


Great, how to get that to be in the drive part of the Projects, so that it can be shared.

Well, here is the problem. It will not comply.

OK, save the whole project as a kml file. Copy to Google Drive, and re-open it in the Drive Projects section.


 No, none of the work-around's worked. More checking of tutorials and forums.

Apparently, it is not possible. The suggestion was to import the project into Google MyMaps.

The result is below.


 It does show the line and some ancillary places, but without the information or animation of the internal Google Earth Projects. At least I have learnt a limitation of Google Earth Projects.



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