The Bay of Biscay Whale watching trip 2010


The Bay of Biscay Whale watching trip 2010


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Google Maps provides the engine for the maps show below, acknowledged with thanks.

I did have some difficulties with the automatic pagination in Google Maps. With the help of the forums I found out that there is a maximum number of points on a page so as not to slow the map drawing unduly. I therefore could not get the trip on one map. That is not a problem as it is better shown in phases. However, just so you are aware tracks or active logs recorded by a GPS represent a lot of points and it seems the best way is to have a replica in an overview and the GPS track on its own map. I hope this is of help and explains the numbers of maps. Thanks again to Google Maps and Google Maps Help.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Portsmouth and English Channel ]

 [ Bay of Biscay Southbound ]

 [ Bilbao ]

    [ Bay of Biscay Northbound ]

 [ English Channel and Portsmouth ]



      Sunday - Monday           19th - 20th Sept 2010

          Monday                    20th September 2010

             Tuesday                     21st September 2010   

             Tuesday                            21st September 2010       

           Wednesday                       22nd September 2010      

Sail time; 21:15


Dock; 07:00 - Sail


Dock; 17:15

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 3

Day 4

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September 2010
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Some of the Photos on the BDRP CD of our trip

The copyright of these photos are acknowledged as being with BDRP and their staff.

Group photos of the people on the Monkey Deck.

Some of the photos were taken on the trip immediately preceding ours.

A selection of striking photos on the BDRP CD.


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Travel data problems

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