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Africa - Encounter Overland Expedition 1979 Southbound - Maps and Record

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 Record of Trip

Record of out trip in spreadsheet form, with some dates and places estimated. All assumed mileages are based on approximate routes and Google Maps, or similar, mileages between places and not based on odometer readings.

No SatNav tracking available.

The timings, start and finish of the day, and lunch time are purely guesswork. Doing the trip again, I would fill the spreadsheet in daily, but things have changed since the trip.

The country column is the country you wake up in in the morning.

Navigate using the arrow keys, and look at the menu icons on the bottom right corner.

I reiterate, this is not contemorary, it is compiled more than 40years after the events. It is bound to have some errors.


 Also I have created an ESRI StoryMap. Thoroughly recommend that you look at this.

If you can't drag yourself away from this site, the StoryMap is also below, but better by following the link above.







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