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Table of Geographical Sub Regions as defined by the United Nations, both past and present.
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idNumerical code UNGeo Sub regionCom code and Geo Sub regionGeographical regionGeographical regionCreatordate_time
114Eastern Africa014 Eastern Africa1Africa8002016-09-30 22:58:10
217Middle Africa017 Middle Africa1Africa8002016-09-30 22:58:10
315Northern Africa015 Northern Africa1Africa8002016-09-30 22:58:10
418Southern Africa018 Southern Africa1Africa8002016-09-30 22:58:10
511Western Africa011 Western Africa1Africa8002016-09-30 22:58:10
6419Latin America and the Caribbean419 Latin America and the Caribbean 2Americas8002016-09-30 22:58:10
721Northern America021 Northern America2Americas8002016-09-30 22:58:10
8143Central Asia143 Central Asia3Asia8002016-09-30 22:58:10
930Eastern Asia030 Eastern Asia3Asia8002016-09-30 22:58:10
1035South-Eastern Asia035 South-Eastern Asia3Asia8002016-09-30 22:58:10
1134Southern Asia034 Southern Asia3Asia8002016-09-30 22:58:10
12145Western Asia145 Western Asia3Asia8002016-09-30 22:58:10
13151Eastern Europe151 Eastern Europe4Europe8002016-09-30 22:58:10
14154Northern Europe154 Northern Europe4Europe8002016-09-30 22:58:10
1539Southern Europe039 Southern Europe4Europe8002016-09-30 22:58:10
16155Western Europe155 Western Europe4Europe8002016-09-30 22:58:10
1753Australia and New Zealand053 Australia and New Zealand5Oceania8002016-09-30 22:58:10
1854Melanesia054 Melanesia5Oceania8002016-09-30 22:58:10
1957Micronesia057 Micronesia5Oceania8002016-09-30 22:58:10
2061Polynesia061 Polynesia5Oceania8002016-09-30 22:58:10




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Travel data problems

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