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By Ivan Hurst

As a child my parents took me on several touring holidays in the UK and Ireland. I have continued the tradition of touring holidays in Great Britain into adulthood and with the family. I like to travel and have been lucky enough to have been able to extensively explore Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America, in addition to Great Britain.

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I have not circumnavigated the world yet but would still like to try. Until that time, below are the maximum latitudes and longitudes that I have achieved up to 2010.








Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland


Siliguri, West Bengal, India

Denali, Alaska, USA


66 33’ 44” N

28 52’ 47.16” S

88 25’ 28.50” E

150 13’ 43.30” W


An arc of 95 26’ 31.16” which is 26.5% N to S

An arc of 238 39’ 11.80” which is 66.3% E to W







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