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By Ivan Hurst

Photo Galleries

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I enjoy a variety of hobbies and pastimes and here are some that I find particularly interesting.

I have created a separate page for each main hobby. Follow the links for more.   Go here for full size images

I have been interested in photography since childhood. This was generated in part by my father’s interest. My brother is also a professional photographer. His name is Trevor Hurst. Click on his name to link to his web site. I have used a wide range of equipment in that time including Pentax, Olympus, Nikon, Panasonic and Sony. My first Camera was a box brownie. Go to the page for more.


Natural History
Again I have been interested in Natural History since childhood. I started writing a book on animal classification in my first year at secondary school. I never completed it as there were already better books available. However, the research for my book did give me a good understanding of the structures of classification systems. At the time that I started compiling the book I thought that there were only two primary classifications known as Kingdoms. This was based on the Linnaean classification. The Animal Kingdom and the Plant Kingdom. Go to the page for more.


Trucks, Motorhome, Military and Motoring
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HMS Victory - Click to enlarge
Maldives Reef
Motorhome prepare to move from Farm
Maldives Holiday Island
HMS Victory
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Mount Kilimanjaro - Mawenzi - Click to enlarge
Bedford TM 6x6 and Carmichael Mark 12A
Mount Kilimanjaro