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By Ivan Hurst

Ivan Hurst’s personal web site

Welcome to Ivan Hurst's Web site. Browse around to find Natural History, cars and trucks, restoration, environment and travel to Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.

Explore using the photos on the right or the navigators at left and top of the pages.

The site covers my family’s hobbies, interests, holidays and events attended. It is mainly an image based site with some narrative. In addition there are plenty of linked photo galleries.

If you have comments or questions please drop me a line at

Site last modified 03 January 2012

Site under development, but some of the pages are populated so please browse around. The photo grid will be full eventually.

Photo Galleries

The photo gallery links open a new site, use the back button to return here or press the ‘Lightroom’ header to return to the home page.

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Natural History - Land Plants

Natural History - Land Animals

Natural History - Birds

Natural History - Freshwater Life

Natural History - Marine Life

Cars and TrucksBedford TM 6x6Carmicheal Mark 12ACars and Trucks

Bedford Library Van




Travel - Africa

Travel - Asia

Travel - Europe

Travel - North America

Grand Tour


Environment - Water Harvesting




Events - War and Peace Show

Events - Odiham Fire Show



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